Recording Studio Private Consulting

Ronan Chris Murphy offers private consulting through Recording Boot Camp for private studios and institutions. Please contact  Liz Redwing (Program Coordinator) | Contact »

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Private Studios

Ronan offers a wide range of services including private training to help people get the most out of their own studios, to studio redesign and overseeing the creation of private studio facilities. Ronan?s advice has helped major label artists, weekend warriors, and commercial facilities. He has helped people make the most of their studios and often times helped people save thousands of dollars by helping them prioritize investments with gear purchases and studio design.

Consulting for Institutions.

Ronan’s expertise can help a wide range of institutions, such as schools, radio stations and corporate facilities that are involved with or considering getting involved with music recording or broadcast. He can help clients with facilities development as well as help administrators better understand of the needs of their clients.

One on One consulting.

With over 25 years in the music and audio business, Ronan has seen it all. In addition to producing and/or mixing hundreds of albums for client all around the world, he has also worked as a studio owner, studio business manager (for a studio owned by others), touring musician, a concert promoter, college radio programmer, a director of audio for Microsoft, an independent label owner, and musical director of a dance company. His consulting clients.


Also Available for Consulting through Veneto West.


Liz Redwing

Liz Redwing is a music industry veteran, getting her start at MCA records, and later moving to Interscope Music and Atlantic Records. She worked in artist management with Tsunami Entertainment, Michael Dixon Management and Roger Davies Management before starting her own producer management and consulting company.

Ronan has been working with me as a consultant and has advised and assisted me through a complete renovation of my home recording studio. The results have been fantastic. His expertise has helped me change my facility from a mediocre set-up to an acoustically well-designed room with terrific recording gear. Night and Day Difference in the Sound. – Frank J, Upland, CA

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